Global Model EU


In January 2023, a delegation of the Brussels School of Governance students participated in the Global Model EU 2023, a simulation of the European Union organized as a collaboration between colleges and universities around the world and hosted by the SUNY Global Centre in New York.

During this Global MEU, over 150 students represented country delegations and simulated European Council meetings in four configurations: European Council (Heads of Government-HoGs), Foreign Affairs Council (FAC), Economic and Financial Affairs (ECOFIN) Council, and the Transport, Telecommunication and Energy Council (TTE).

The BSoG team was composed of Matthias Kralupper (HoS), Niall Harty (HR/VP), Nicole Marlene (FAC) and Sofie Skovborg (TTE). Prof. Tercovich prepared and accompanied the team as a faculty advisor.


A delegation of BSoG students participated in the Global SUNY Model EU Simulation, a large-scale event organised by the SUNY – The State University of New York. Because of the current circumstances, SUNY Model EU 2021 was organised as a virtual event that took place over the course of two weekends: April 10-11 and April 17-18, 2021 via Zoom. Our delegation consisted of students from our MA programmes, BA in International Affairs, and BA in International and European Law programmes.

During those two weekends, over 120 students and universities represented country delegations in preparing to attend a European Council Summit. Students had the chance to debate the most significant questions facing Europe, and play the role of EU leaders and officials, drafting and debating a policy agenda that reflects the real contemporary problems faced by EU member states and the Portuguese EU Presidency

The BSoG’s team represented Germany in the simulation and included the following students:

Christoph Lhotka as Prime Minister

Tina Scholz as Minister of Finance

Ana Estopa Gomez as Foreign Affairs Minister

Etienne Marais as Ambassador to the EU

The team performed remarkably well: Tina Scholz received a mention as the most diplomatic delegate and Christoph Lhotka as the most likely delegate to work for the EU.